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Take a trip to the delicious world of Chocoland, where chocolates appear and disappear like magic! This is a dream come true for a little boy, Carlos Cubo, who has never had chocolate in his life. Help him collect the chocolates before they vanish, but leave the bogus chocolates or risk a tummy ache!

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Click or Tap chocolates as they appear, but hurry--they disappear quickly. Meet the minimum points required to level-up. Look for rare bonus chocolates for 500 points each! Avoid bogus chocolates o

Tips :

Collect as many chocolates as you can before time runs out! Good chocolates are plentiful, but watch out for bogus chocolates, which will take away points. Bonus chocolates are worth 500 points and po

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Chocoland clicks16
Broom clicks15
Blop clicks13
Crazy Frog clicks13
Alpha Limit clicks12
Bubbo Jerk clicks12
Crates clicks12
Lona Snake clicks12
Monster Bash clicks12
Kitty Combo clicks11