Monster Bash

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Help the little girl find her kitty! But watch out: monsters are lurking everywhere! You will encounter 5 frightful foes: pumpkinheads, zombies, mummies, werewolves, and frankenstein monsters. Destroy them before they attack! Be quick, as more and more monsters will pop out of their hiding places. Unlock all levels in the graveyard to accomplish your mission!

Control :

Destroy monsters by clicking or tapping. Be quick or they will attack! Earn at least two stars to unlock the next level. Complete all 16 levels to win the game. There are 5 different monsters, each wi

Tips :

Earn 100 points for each monster that you destroy. In first levels, lose 50 points for each monster that you miss. In later levels, lose more. Levels are progressively more challenging, introducing mo

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Alpha Limit clicks25
Chocoland clicks25
Blop clicks23
Broom clicks21
Crazy Frog clicks21
Crates clicks19
Monster Bash clicks19
Alienanza clicks18
Blow Fish clicks18
Bubbo Jerk clicks18